IT Solutions

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Telin specializes in tech support and solutions management for small and medium sized businesses with single or mixed OS environments in the Medical industry. We can handle any of your technology requirements, on a one time or continuing support contract. Telin can help your company by developing scalable IT infrastructure that grows with your business to support all of your current and future IT needs as efficiently as possible.


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MediPlan is Telin's paperless office system designed exclusively for the Alberta medical community and is available as a series of affordable modules. Any system is scalable to meet the requirements of each individual practice. Mediplan is a powerful and robust e-solution boasting a substantial list of features and is ideal for solo practitioners, specialists and multi-specialty groups.

Information Security

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Telin focuses on information security specifically for use in the Medical field. An organization's people, information, operations, and systems are critical assets. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, public image, and a competitive edge. Telin has specific experience in the medical industry in Alberta and can work with you on PIA's and other assessments. We also offer security awareness training both for the Medical community as well as any office environment.

About Us

Founded in 1985 as Lee and Associates, Telin was incorporated in 1990 as Telin Systems Ltd. Telin's markets include network communications, software and database development, health care and internet services. Telin Systems is a client-oriented organization which prides itself on exceptional service, quality products and full system support of its clients.

For the past 25 years, Telin Systems has been dedicated to providing the medical field and private businesses comprehensive products focused on advancing business practices, utilizing industry leading technology solutions.

MediPlan, one of Telin's major focuses is a medical management software system designed exclusively for practice management within the physician's office. MediPlan's direction is strongly influenced by doctors and this continued strategy will without a doubt, represent satisfied physicians and clinical staff alike.

With the continued advancement of Call Back, Web bookings and other integrated systems, Telin services both the medical field as well as private business with our ability to save substantial costs in relation to contacting patients, clients, partners etc... This service can be utilized by virtually any individual who operates a business that requires large-scale calling or bookings. Not only does this system make minutes out of what took hours or days. It is a fraction of the cost compared to a standard phone call; so it saves you money even before accounting for the extra time that will be freed up for your employees.

With Telin staying on the cutting edge of what is new in the market, we make a beneficial partner to your business or practice and focus on reducing costs, improving efficiency and keeping you ahead of the competition.